Sandtisch Seitenansicht Sandtisch Modell Arena Der Sandtisch in seiner runden Grundform Das wichtigste sind halt Ideen
Ein Sandtisch in der Gruppe
An alternative for bad weather. The sand tray (sandbox) also leaves in frost and moisture creative clearance. The plays in the sand stimulate the touch senses of the children and calm. The children get to know the different qualities of the sand (scoop, pour, pour) are concentrated and diligently with a thing. Sandy plays promote the natural attachment of the children.
Palisadenansicht vom SandtischEin Sandtisch im GartenPalisanden machen den Sandtisch dichtEinsatz in der Kita Rainbrunnen Auch Jungen spielen gerne am Sandtisch
Children need play areas and independent scopes of action. They should freely be able to choose where and with which they would like to play. Completely after her topical needs they should decide whether they follow in the outside area to her movement or investigation need, in the doll corner or soft corner of dear role plays would like to play whether they paint, play with plasticine, stick, with a small group of parlour games play, build or at the sandy table, e.g., in the group space would like to play. Importantly is present that they can freely decide whether they liked to play in small or big group.
The job of the educator has changed, he makes not only programme, but provides for a good offer structure. A very important job of the educator is to find out by observations where the respective child stands. On it building up it can be promoted supported, and be encouraged.
  sand tray arena
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